What’s on the Menu at Twin Falls’ Favorite Restaurant?

February 22, 2024
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The Restaurant With a Little Something for Everyone!

Nestled right alongside the Snake River Canyon trail, Redhawk stands out as a culinary gem that blends the casual vibe of pub fare with the refined elegance of upscale dining options. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after work or a sophisticated venue to celebrate a special occasion, Redhawk’s diverse menu caters to every taste and occasion, earning it the title of the best restaurant in Twin Falls. Best of all, we’re a family-friendly restaurant, too. Because every diner deserves to leave full and satisfied, we’ve got plenty of options for younger diners to choose from! Check out our most popular menu categories below.

Happy Hour Menu & Classic Pub Foods

At Redhawk, happy hour is more than just discounted drinks; it’s an invitation to savor and indulge! The restaurant’s appetizer selection, designed to complement any beverage choice, includes crowd-pleasers like the famous gouda mac and cheese bites and the irresistibly rich beer cheese nachos. These offerings make Redhawk the perfect spot for after-work relaxation or casual get-togethers with friends, setting the standard for “seafood near me” and pub fare with a unique twist.

Check out our current Happy Hour offerings here!

Fine Dining Fare & Seafood

For those evenings that call for a touch of elegance, Redhawk’s fine dining options stand ready to impress. Seafood lovers will rejoice over the BBQ oysters, fresh oysters on the half shell, and the locally sourced trout from Riverence in Buhl, each dish a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor. Meanwhile, meat aficionados will find their match in the succulent New York strip, the luxurious lobster tails, or the decadent surf and turf, making it the seafood restaurant of choice for discerning diners. Classic flatbread pizzas, burgers, and salads are also available for diners who want to enjoy something a little more casual but no less delicious!

View our current Dinner Menu to see what’s on offer – be sure to check out our seafood selection!

Kid-Friendly Restaurant Options

We understand the importance of family dining experiences, Redhawk ensures that even our young guests feel welcome and leave full and satisfied. With kid-approved favorites like creamy mac and cheese, the classic cheeseburger, and cheesy quesadillas, Redhawk stands out as a family-friendly restaurant in Twin Falls! These dishes promise to delight the pickier palates of toddlers and young children, ensuring a delicious dining experience for the entire family.

View the current Kid’s Menu ahead of time and make ordering easy!


Your New Favorite Restaurant

Redhawk’s menu is a celebration of the best that Twin Falls has to offer, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual bite, a fine dining experience, a festive brunch, or a family meal, Redhawk caters to every palette, solidifying our reputation as one of the most versatile and best restaurants in Twin Falls. So, the next time you’re searching for “seafood near me” or a dining experience that promises to be memorable, look no further than Redhawk.

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